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Stairlifts Buying Guide

Stairlifts Buying Guide

Stairlifts Buying Guide Presented by Affordable Mobility [2022 Update]

Range of Stairlifts in Preston

What is a Stairlift?

A stairlift or often called a chairlift, is a mechanism that helps people with disabilities in a seated position to move up and down stairs between the floors of their home. A stairlift can be made to suit specific requirements such as location, size, controls and features. A rail is mounted on the staircase, and the lifting device or chair is attached to the rail, allowing the chair to move.

A stairlifts buying guide always comes in handy so purchasing a stairlift will be a stress-free process. At Affordable Mobility, we aim to make choosing and installing your process as easy and straightforward as possible. As purchasing a stairlift is designed to help you in accessing the upper areas of your property, you will naturally want the selection process and installation process to be as smooth as possible. Affordable Mobility has been offering Stannah stairlifts in Preston and the surrounding areas for many years. In this article, we present our stairlift buying guide to help you find the ideal stairlift for your requirements. If you are looking for more information on purchasing a stairlift or if you are looking for stairlift suppliers in Preston then enquire with Affordable Mobility today or telephone our team now on: 0800 077 3434

Do I Need a Stairlift?

One of the first steps in choosing your new starlit is deciding whether you actually need one. Stairlifts are designed to help you gain access to the stairs if you find it difficult to climb your staircase. You may have restricted mobility due to a recent operation, hip replacement or arthritis and are finding that you need assistance when climbing up your staircase. This can lead to a feeling of a lack of independence that can be solved by installing a stairlift in your property. For some individuals, it’s simply not viable to purchase a bungalow or flat or create a downstairs living area. If you find that you are struggling often to climb the staircase unassisted then you will definitely benefit from installing a stairlift. There are also rental options available for temporary stairlifts whilst you are recovering from surgery or a temporary ailment that’s stopping you from being able to access the stairs easily.

What Stairlifts Are Available?

Carrying out research on the stairlift that suits you is the next step after deciding that you will indeed benefit from installing a stairlift in your property. As there is a great deal of Stannah stairlifts available (each offering a range of unique features and additional features) you will want to carry out some research on the stairlifts that are available. Don’t worry if you are confused about the range of choices that are available, you can arrange for a no-obligation quotation in which a member of our consultant team talk to you and discuss any requirements and wants that you may have. They will also measure your staircase and assess what type of rail you may need as well as if any preparatory work (such as installing an extra powerpoint near your staircase) is needed. After having all the information that they need, our consultant will give you some considered options which also let you choose any additional features that you may need. If you do have an idea of the style of stairlift that you require then they can also talk to you about this. If you want to see the range of stannah stairlifts we have available then click on the link.

What are the different types of stair lifts?

Straight Stairlifts

lady taking a seat in a straight stairlift

Straight stairlifts require less installation time as they move up and down only on a straight staircase, making them more affordable. As straight stairlifts are fitted to the stair’s tread and not on the wall, there is no need to pay a painter and decorator to fix the wall after the installation. Straight stairlifts are supplied from the mains, and a power backup option is installed in the form of a battery that will start working in case of a power cut.   

Curved Stairlifts

a lady and a man with a curved stairlift

Curved stairlifts can be made to order to fit the individual need so they can go round bends in the staircase and glide across landings. Curved stairlifts work on a rail that is installed close to the wall. The power of curved stairlifts is supplied from a rechargeable battery pack which is constantly charged up from the charging point at the bottom and top of the stairs.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Stannah Warrington

Outdoor Stairlifts are an excellent choice for those who need easy access to the front of a property with steep steps or just going out in the rear garden. Outdoor stairlifts are designed to operate in all weather conditions and are built to last for many years.

Children’s Stairlifts

Children's stairlift Stannah

Children’s Stairlifts are carefully designed using a tried and tested technology with a bespoke seat tailored to each child’s needs. For the child’s safety children stairlifts have sensors installed that can detect any obstructions to aid in stopping gently.

Deciding on Your Ideal Stairlift Installation Option

stannah stairlifts Stoke

With the various installation options that are available, this is a key aspect that you will need to think about when purchasing or deciding on purchasing your new stairlift. As purchasing a stairlift is a significant investment, you will likely want to know about all of the various installation options that are available. We have briefly touched upon arranging for a stairlift rental which offers a temporary solution for temporary injuries or illnesses that are preventing you from being able to climb the stairs easily and independently. You can decide on the amount of time that you want to rent your stannah stairlift whether this is just for a month or for a year. We will take care of the servicing of your rental stairlift for you and you are able to install and arrange for the removal of your rented stairlift with the experts at Affordable Mobility. Choosing to rent a stairlift is also a great installation option to assess whether a more permanent solution is well suited to your requirements. Renting a stairlift lets you see the benefits of a stairlift for yourself first-hand and can help you in choosing a permanent stairlift. You can even arrange for the purchasing of your rented stairlift if you wish to keep the stairlift installed permanently and we can come to an agreement in price that is beneficial to both parties.

Permanent Stairlift Installations

There are two different permanent starlit installation options that are available the installation of a new Stannah stairlift or reconditioned Stannah stairlift. The installation options are the same for these types of stairlift and only differs by the stairlift either being reconditioned after previous use or being brand new. Purchasing a reconditioned stairlift is less of an investment than purchasing a stairlift brand new. One of our reconditioned stairlifts will only leave for your home when it receives the Stannah reconditioned badge. This ensures that your reconditioned stairlift is every bit as good as a new one. If you want complete customisation options then a new stairlift is the choice for you. This allows you to choose all of the aspects that you want and know that you will find useful as every individual’s requirements will be tailored to them and their circumstances. Stannah stairlifts offer a wide range of innovative features and choosing a new Stannah stairlift allows you to choose a fully bespoke stairlift for your property. With the various amount of installation options that are available, you have a great deal of choice when considering your new stairlift. If you do have any further questions about the installation options that are available as well as the Stannah stairlifts that we have available then you can always contact a member of our helpful, expert and friendly team using an online contact form on our website. You can also contact one of our team directly by telephone: 0800 077 3434

5-Point Checklist Before Buying a Stairlift

  • It is always a good idea to check with an Occupational Therapist whether having a stairlift installed is the best option for personal needs
  • Should you know someone who already has a stairlift, ask them for feedback so you can find out all advantages and disadvantages from someone who you know
  • The safety and reliability of a stairlift is one of, if not the most crucial factor, so ensure that you only discuss your needs with professionals and do not let intrusive sales personnel sell you something that will not suit your needs
  • Requesting a product catalogue or detailed information on products can help you decide which product will suit your needs
  • When seeking information on what types of stairlifts are available, you should only consider contacting an established and professional staircase supplier

Arrange Your Consultation With Affordable Mobility

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Knowing your needs and requirements as well as assessing whether a stairlift is ideally suited for you can greatly help you in choosing your new Stannah stairlift. You can also choose to purchase or rent a stairlift akin to your requirements. Do not worry if you are finding it difficult to choose the stairlift or option that suits you as our friendly and expert consultation team is more than happy to help you find your new stairlift. To learn more about the Stannah stairlifts that we have available, look through our website or contact a member of our team today.

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You can speak to one of our advisers to find out more information about our stairlifts as well as to organise your no-obligation quotation in the comfort of your own home. Purchasing your new stairlift couldn’t be easier with Affordable Mobility and we have designed our consultation and installation service to make choosing and installing your new stairlift as easy and stress-free as possible. To find out about our range of stairlifts in Preston, enquire with Affordable Mobility today or telephone our team now on: 0800 077 3434

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