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Sadler 260 Curved Stair Lift


Sadler 260 Curved Stair Lift

The specialist smaller seat helps the user by maintaining a more upright posture while taking much of the user’s weight through the seat. With the Sadler you get a more secure solution for travelling up and down your stairs.

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Slim Design – Suitable for Narrow Stairs

Because of its slim design the Sadler can fit into most homes even if the staircase is usually too narrow to fit other types of stairlifts.

Easy to Use

The Sadler has a saddle-style seat which lowers and rises with the user making entry and exit easier and more convenient and cosy. The Sadler stairlift comes as standard with an immobiliser seatbelt that is retractable and can be operated with one hand. The controller is also easy to use even for users with limited mobility.

Extra Safety Features

Along with the other Stannah Stairlifts that we fit the Sadler features safety edges to make sure the stairlift will stop if it encounters an obstacle on the stairs plus it will not move unless both arms are placed down securely into position.

Placing the stairlift arms in the upright position will automatically fold the footrest which benefits the user as they do not have to bend over to fold the footrest themselves as they leave the stairlift at either end of the stairway.