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Stairlifts in Bolton With Affordable Mobility

If you are finding it more difficult to navigate around your home and are struggling to climb the stairs, a stairlift may be the perfect solution.

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As approved Stannah Dealers, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent customer service and can help you find your ideal Stannah Stairlift in Bolton.

Whether you are considering if you need a stairlift or which installation option is ideal for your requirements, our team of friendly engineers can advise you on the best stairlift for you.

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Choosing Your Stairlift

Choosing the stairlift that is right for you can give you the safety and reassurance to be able to access the stairs independently. Installing a stairlift in your property removes the stairs as an obstacle to overcome and allows you to enjoy the finer things in life. Whether you are worrying about having to go downstairs to use the lavatory or if you need to head downstairs to get your glasses, a stairlift makes this simple for you to do and restores your independence. If you are finding it difficult to climb the stairs then some of the solutions include moving into a bungalow or having a full-time carer assisting you when you need to go up and down the stairs. Both of which can be costly and inconvenient and may make you feel like you have a lack of independence. Installing a stairlift is a more cost-effective and simple solution!

Which Stairlift Will be Appropriate for your Staircase?

During installation of our stairlifts, the stairlifts are attached directly to the stair tread and are not attached to the wall. This allows for flexibility when choosing which side of the staircase your stairlift will be placed on as well as no damage or mess being caused by the stairlift being attached to the wall.

Our consultant will carry out a comprehensive survey of your property as well as your staircase and this will provide you with a report on the most suitable stairlift for your stairs and property.

Straight Stairlifts

Being the most common stairlift required, straight stairlifts go directly up and down and don’t have a bend or curve in the rail. Our straight stairlifts are available in bronze or silver and they are manufactured from aluminium. During testing, they cover an impressive 143 miles and our expert engineers can fit your stairlift in just a few hours.

Curved Stairlifts

If you have a curved staircase then you will require a bespoke stairlift to be installed. As all staircases are different, they can encompass a variation of different designs. Custom made for every home, our team of expert consultants will visit your home to assess the curvature of your staircase and the type of landing that you have.

Stannah even recently manufactured a bespoke 50-metre curved starlight spanning over 11 flights of stairs – That’s a lot of stairs!

Is Installing a Purchased Stairlift or a Stairlift Rental more Appropriate?

You are able to arrange for a stairlift rental if you feel that it’s appropriate to see how a stairlift can help you or if you have a temporary injury and are finding it difficult to climb the stairs. You can rent your stairlift on a month by month basis, whether it be for 1 month or 5 years.

You can arrange for a permanent installation if you know that you will benefit from installing a stairlift permanently. You can also arrange to purchase your rented stairlift permanently and we will reach a price that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

Arrange for the Installation of your Stairlift in Bolton

Affordable Mobility has installed stairlifts for our customers in Bolton and the surrounding areas for many years and are committed to helping you find your ideal stairlift.

Your stairlift will help you access your staircase and have the energy to enjoy the more enjoyable things in life.

Affordable Mobility are one of the first in the UK to be awarded the prestigious  Stannah Certificate of Excellence. This is a scheme that certifies that our engineers install your stairlift to the exacting standards required by Stannah.

As very few companies meet this requirement, we will ensure that you receive the best possible service, with the installation of your stairlift being professional and with minimal fuss and disruption.

To arrange for your free no obligation quotation, enquire online using a contact form on our website or telephone now on: 0800 077 3204

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