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At Affordable Mobility, we are committed to providing our customers with a way to retain their independence and to help them climb the stairs. A stairlift can completely change and help you in a variety of tasks that would be very difficult without a stairlift present.

We have installed many stairlifts for our customers in Preston and the surrounding areas. Working closely with customers, it’s not just what we sell that we take great care over. The way that we deliver, service and sell are highly important to us.

We are Stannah dealers that pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship that goes into every Stannah stairlift. We offer great attention to detail when we install your new Stannah stairlift and complete the installation process in a professional, caring and friendly manner.

In total, our professional engineers have a combined experience of 37 years installing, servicing and repairing Stannah stairlifts. They are accredited with the Stannah Certificate of Excellence, a scheme that certifies our engineers install all Stannah stairlifts to the exacting standards that are required by Stannah.

Enquire today about installing a Stannah stairlift in Preston. Contact our team of consultants to find out more about the range of stairlifts that we have to offer or telephone them directly now on: 0800 077 3204

Assessment of Your Requirements & Staircase

Preparing to purchase your new stairlift begins with the assessment process. During your initial call, we will ask a few questions about your staircase and your situation to find out what your needs are.

Once we have established your needs then we can create a stairlift solution that helps you retain your mobility around your home. If you need more information or wish to arrange for a no-obligation quotation we can arrange for one of our sales consultants to visit your property and give you all of the specific advice that you may need.

From the moment you contact us, we will do everything we need to make sure your experience is perfect and lives up to the infamous Stannah name.

The Assessment process consists of:

  • Talking to you to understand your requirements.
  • Then measuring your staircase and assessing the type of rail.
  • Then our consultant will have all the information required to give you some relevant options.
  • You are also able to choose any additional features that you may want.
  • After precisely measuring your staircase and offering the best solution that fits your personal situation, our consultants are then able to offer you a no-obligation quotation. You can decide (in your own time) if you wish to proceed.
  • The price that we quote will be the price you pay – With no hidden extras.

The Installation Process

Installation of your stairlift normally takes a few hours and leaves very little mess as the stairlift is attached to the steps of the staircase and not the wall. It will only take around 3-10 working days to install a straight stairlift and 14 days or so for a curved rail.

You will also be shown how to use all of the features of your stairlift and our installation team will not leave until you are 100% confident and happy in safely using your stairlift. All stairlifts come with two years’ warranty and five-year motor warranty, and a 24 / 7 customer care team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Once your stairlift is installed, you will quickly discover;

  • The freedom of accessing your entire home, with ease, once again,
  • Going upstairs to get an item and it no longer being an issue,
  • Having more time and energy for better things in life, once more.

Arrange For Your No Obligation Quotation

Arranging your no-obligation quotation couldn’t be easier with Affordable Mobility. We can advise you on the type of stairlift that may be required as well as take all of the measurements that are needed to recommend you the perfect stairlift.

Installing a stairlift in your property, you’ll soon discover the freedom of being able to use the entirety of your home again. Going up the stairs will no longer be an issue and you are able to keep your independence in the home.

Enquire at Affordable Mobility today to discuss your requirements and arrange for your no-obligation quotation.

Our Stairlifts in Preston
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