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Renting a Stairlift

Renting a Stairlift

Renting a Stannah Stairlift Discussed by Affordable Mobility

Stairlift Rentals

In our previous blog posts, we have discussed the various advantages of installing a reconditioned stairlift and choosing a stairlift with our stairlift buying guide. Stairlift rentals are popular installation options for stairlifts as they allow for you to install a temporary stairlift in your property or allow you to see if you will benefit from a stairlift without having to invest in purchasing a reconditioned or brand new Stannah stairlift.

Affordable Mobility has offered stairlift rentals for our customers for many years and can advise you on the various installation options that are available as well as if a stairlift rental is ideal for you. In this blog post, we will discuss how a stairlift rental can help you access your staircase if you are finding it difficult to climb the stairs as well as how to arrange for a stairlift rental with Affordable Mobility. Should you be considering a stairlift rental or if you are looking to rent a Stannah Stairlift then enquire with Affordable Mobility using a contact form on our website or telephone our friendly team directly now on: 01200 444254

Deciding on Renting a Stairlift

Deciding on whether you need a stairlift is largely down to your requirements. A stairlift is designed to assist you in accessing the upper levels of your property, giving you the independence and ability to access your staircase safely. Should you feel that you would benefit from installing a stairlift for your property then you can arrange for a stairlift installation but you still may not be completely sure if you are a first time user of a stairlift.

A stairlift rental is a great way to gauge whether or not you would you will benefit from using a stairlift without having to spend a significant investment on purchasing a stairlift. A stairlift rental can also be a suitable solution for individuals who are recovering from surgery or have a temporary injury that is also affecting your ability to climb your stairs. As you only are in temporary recovery or are suffering from a temporary injury, a permanent stairlift may not be the most appropriate option. You are therefore able to arrange for a stairlift rental for as long as you require the stairlift and then can arrange for the removal of the stairlift when you do not need your stairlift anymore.

Arranging for a Stairlift Rental

Arranging for a stairlift rental is also appropriate for those who wish to pay for their stairlift in monthly installments. Renting a Stannah stairlift from Affordable Mobility enables you to have all of the benefits of a new or reconditioned stairlift with the ability to arrange for your stairlift to be removed whenever you are finished with using your stairlift. If you do find that you wish to arrange for a permanent stairlift to be installed in your property, you can keep the stairlift that you rented and purchase it from Affordable Mobility, arranging a purchase cost that is beneficial to both parties. The survey is still free to arrange for your stairlift rental and we will discuss your full requirements as if you were buying a brand new stairlift from us. You can arrange for a stairlift rental on a month by month basis whether this is for 1 month or 10 months. We will remove the stairlift at a convenient time for you if you want to arrange for the removal of your stairlift. The process is simple and stress-free with Affordable Mobility and we will help you rent the ideal stairlift akin to your requirements.

Find out More About Stairlift Rentals Today

Renting a Stairlift

If you are thinking that you would definitely benefit from arranging for a stairlift rental then get in touch with the friendly team at Affordable Mobility today. We can arrange for the installation and rental of your stairlift and can remove your stairlift whenever is most convenient for you. You won’t have to worry about the servicing of your rented Stannah stairlift as we will organise the servicing for you. If you want to find out more information regarding renting a stairlift or if you yourself are looking to rent a Stannah stairlift then enquire with Affordable Mobility today or telephone our team now on: 01200 444254

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