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Affordable Mobility is approved by Stannah dealers and we are committed to offering the best service and high-quality stairlifts to our customers. Enquire online if you would like to arrange a free, no-obligation quotation using a contact form on our website or telephone our friendly team directly on 0800 077 3204

Here at Affordable Mobility we completely understand the difficulties that can be apparent when you would like to climb your stairs. We offer Stannah stairlifts which are designed to restore your independence and give you the freedom you deserve in your home. Today you can find out more about our range of stairlifts in Lancaster that we have available as well as how you are able to benefit from installing a stairlift in your home. 

Types Of Stairlifts Available in Lancaster 

There is a range of various stairlifts that are available in Lancaster and the one that is correct for you will depend on the requirements of your property. Straight stairlifts are the most common type of stairlifts that are required in people’s home and go directly up and down. 

If your stairs have a curve in the rail or a bend, do not worry. Curved stairlifts are bespoke as there are many different styles of stairs in different homes. Your curved stairlift could range from spiral to finned depending on the staircase in your home. 

Stairlift Eligibility 

One of the most common related questions is, “is a stairlift suitable for my requirements?’ Stairlifts are a fantastic tool which allows you to navigate the stairs if you are finding that using your staircase has become difficult or an obstacle. 

A stairlift could be a temporary option due to an operation or injury or you may have an illness or condition which means you find it difficult to climb the stairs. Many of these people wish to retain their independence and freedom, and part of this comes from not asking for assistance. A lot of people also do not wish to relocate to a room downstairs in their home or relocate altogether – A stairlift would be perfect for these individuals. 

There are different types of stairlifts and installation options available so there are plenty of options available to you should you be considering installing a stairlift. 

Stairlift Installation 

Reconditioned stairlifts are tested rigorously until they are issued the Stannah reconditioned badge. This ensures that when your refurbished stairlift is installed in your property, as they really are just as good as a brand new stairlift. These stairlifts are ideal if you want to enjoy the benefits of a stairlift at a lower investment cost. 

You then also have the option to choose a stairlift rental if you require a temporary stairlift or want to see how a stairlift will benefit you in the long run. You can even arrange to purchase your rented stairlift, where we can come to an arrangement which will benefit both parties. 

A permanent installation of a brand new Stannah stairlift can be arranged if you know that you will definitely benefit from a stairlift and you are ready to make an investment. You can choose from a wider range of personalised features which our team of experts can talk to you through to help you choose your perfect new stairlift. 

Affordable Mobility Stairlift Installation In Lancaster 

Here at Affordable Mobility, we have helped our customers with innovative stairlift solutions to help them access their staircase. We can help you find the ideal stairlift for your requirements and will work closely with you to help you install the perfect stairlift for your requirements. 

When you call Affordable Mobility we will ask some questions about your stairlift to understand what your personal needs are and what we can do to help, as each person, home and requirements are unique. We will arrange for a consultant to come out to you within 1-2 days. When our consultants have all of the information they need, they will take precise measurements of your staircase and are now able to offer you an accurate and no obligation quotation

If you choose to order a stairlift, we will ask you for a deposit and your order will be sent for production. We will then work with you and your schedule to decide on the appropriate installation date. Our stairlifts and rails are made to the highest possible standards. Straight stairlifts are usually ready to be installed within 24 hours subject to availability in stock. Curved rails, however, do take up to 10 working days as each one is unique. 

We will then arrange for the installation which will take up to a couple of hours. Very little mess is made and our installers will clean up any mess they make causing minimal disruption. All our stairlifts come with a 2-year warranty and include 5 years Motor Gearbox. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our stairlifts or wish to arrange a free no-obligation quotation, enquire with our team today using a contact form on our website or telephone today on  0800 077 3204

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