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Starla 260 Curved Stair Lift


Starla 260 Curved Stair Lift

Our chairs have a wide, cushioned seat with a supportive backrest, to provide you with maximum comfort.

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Height adjustable seat

For improved comfort and to help you get on and off the chair safely, your stairlift will be adjusted to your height when it is installed. This feature is only available for straight staircases.

Easy landing access

When at the top of the stairs, the footrest will stop level with your landing. You can then swivel the chair to face the landing to alight safely. Using the levers enables you to swivel the seat easily, making it simpler to get off the chair. Alternatively, you can choose to have a powered swivel seat, which turns the chair to face the landing automatically.

Fitted to the stairs

Contrary to popular belief our rails are fitted to the staircase and not to the wall, ensuring minimal mess and bother. Installation is quick and easy.