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Stairlifts in Crewe With Affordable Mobility

Here at Affordable Mobility, we understand the importance of maintaining your independence, confidence and ability to move freely around the home. That’s why we proudly provide a wide range of Stannah stairlifts in Crewe, to help you complete many different tasks which may prove to be very difficult without the help of a stairlift.

Our team of experts have installed many stairlifts over 37 years and will work closely with our customers to ensure that the right stairlift is installed in your home to suit your requirements.

We sell a range of different stairlifts in Crewe, to suit a wide range of needs. So, no matter whether you know exactly what stairlift you need, or you are slightly unsure which type is right, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team either through the contact form on our website or direct on 01782 450914.

The Stairlifts We Provide in Crewe

We provide various types of stairlifts including:

Straight Stairlifts, the most common type of stairlifts that are required in people’s homes. These will go directly up and down and will not have a curve in the rail or a bend.

Curved Stairlifts are completely bespoke and designed to fit your home, as your curved stairlift could range from spiral to fanned depending on the type of staircase you have. When you choose a curved stairlift you’ll also be able to access various floors of your home.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which is most suited to your home, our consultants will carry out a comprehensive survey of your property as well as your staircase, to provide you with a report on which stairlift is most suitable for your stairs and property.

Our Installation Process in Crewe

When you choose us to install your stairlift in Crewe, it will only take a few hours to install, with our installation team leaving little to no mess. What’s more, thanks to our expert level of installation, your stairlift will actually be attached to the steps of the staircase, not the wall. Therefore, if needed, removal of the stairlift is extremely easy.

Once installed, our team will ensure you know exactly how to use your new stairlift. We’ll guide you through all the features included and will not leave until you are completely confident in using your new stairlift.

What’s more, for added peace of mind, our stairlifts also come complete with a two year warranty and a 24/7 customer care team who will always be on hand to answer your questions and queries.

Stairlift Purchase and Stairlifts Rental

With Affordable Mobility you can also either arrange for a stairlift rental or a permanent installation.

A stairlift rental will allow you to see how a stairlift can help you, or will be the best choice if you have a temporary injury and are finding it more difficult to climb the stairs. You’ll be able to rent your stairlift on a month by month basis, for how long you need it, whether it be 1 month or 5 years.

If you see a permanent installation more appropriate after having rented, you can also arrange to purchase your rented stairlift at a price that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

Stairlifts Provided and Installed in Crewe

As a company, we understand the importance of a stairlift. A stairlift can change someone’s life as it can help people in a variety of tasks which would otherwise be extremely difficult without a stairlift present.

That’s why, here at Affordable Mobility, we provide our wide range of stairlifts in Crewe and the surrounding areas and have been for many years. We are one of the first stairlift companies in the UK to be awarded the prestigious Stannah Certificate of Excellence, which certifies that our team of engineers will install your stairlift exactly to the high standards set out and required by Stannah. Very few other companies meet this requirement, that is why we ensure that you receive only the best customer service every time, no matter whether you’re having a stairlift installed or having queries answered by our 24/7 customer care team.

So, to arrange your free, no obligation quotation, be sure to enquire either online or on 01782 450914.

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