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Stairlifts in Ulverston with Affordable Mobility

Have you found yourself or a loved one struggling with mobility? A stairlift could be the perfect solution to regaining independence, confidence and the ability to navigate the home without aid.

Here at Affordable Mobility, we are proudly approved Stannah stairlift suppliers and installers, serving Ulverston, who are also fully accredited with the Stannah Certificate of Excellence.

As a company, we completely understand the frustration and difficulties that are faced when climbing the stairs with limited mobility, and our Stannah stairlifts are designed with this in mind to help restore your independence.

If you would like to find out more about the range of stairlifts that we supply throughout Ulverston and beyond, make sure to get in touch today. You can reach our friendly team of experts on 0800 086 1869.

Make Sure that a Stairlift is Right for You

If you have found yourself struggling with mobility around the home, especially

with climbing the stairs, no matter what the cause, a stairlift could make all the difference.

No longer do you need to worry that you are making a worthy investment when choosing a stairlift, as our team will take the time to make sure that the stairlift you receive fits your requirements exactly. It’s very easy to underestimate the extent of your mobility struggles, which is why we’ll ask you a few questions about your needs so that we can understand your situation fully.

During this call, we’ll also ask you about the layout of your staircase and make sure to take the time to answer any questions you may have about the process as a whole.

Then, after our call, we will also arrange for a member of our team to personally visit your home at a time that is best for you, to give you more specific advice.

What Stairlifts Do We Provide Throughout Ulverston

Here at Affordable Mobility, we are proud to provide a wide range of stairlifts in Ulverston.

Straight stairlifts are one of the most common stairlift types that we provide. These stairlifts will simply just go up and down, without any curves or bends in the rail, making them perfect for straight staircases.

Curved stairlifts, on the other hand, are a more bespoke option, which will allow you to access multiple floors of your home.

If the reason why you are struggling with your mobility is a temporary illness or injury, or maybe perhaps you’re recovering from an operation, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a rented stairlift. This can prove to be a much more fitting and cost-effective solution.

What’s more, we also stock a range of reconditioned Stannah stairlifts, which come complete with a comprehensive 12-month guarantee. These stairlifts are also available with both straight and curved rails. What’s more, before they are installed in your home, these reconditioned stairlifts will undergo a 42-point check to ensure that they’re in full working order, for added peace of mind.

No matter what stairlift option you choose, you will also receive a full after-sales and customer service add on. No matter what issue you face with your stairlift, our customer service team will be happy to help 24/7.

What is the Affordable Mobility Installation Process?

When we come to install your stairlift, the whole process will only take a maximum of a few hours with little to no mess left behind. This is because the stairlift will be attached to your staircase instead of the wall. 

Then, once we have installed your stairlift, our team will make sure that you are fully comfortable with using your new stairlift and won’t leave until you feel safe and confident.

It’s also important to note that your new stairlift will come complete with a two-year warranty and five-year motor warranty, for added peace of mind.

Choose Your Perfect Stairlift in Ulverston, Today

If you would like to find out more about our range of stairlifts, available in Ulverston, make sure to get in touch with our team of experts today. We’ll be more than happy to help and take the time to ensure that you get the perfect stairlift for your needs and requirements.

We can guarantee that installing a stairlift into your home will help you to rediscover the freedom of accessing the whole of your home once more and no longer will you dread having to navigate the stairs.

Call us today on 0800 086 1869, to arrange your free, no-obligation quotation.

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