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Stairlifts of the Future

Stairlifts of the Future

Stairlifts of the Future Discussed by Affordable Mobility

Future of Stairlifts

We have previously discussed the history of the stairlift from the initial invention of the stairlift right up to the modern-day but what does the future hold for stairlifts? With the rise of the ‘smart home,’ it’s only natural to consider how stairlifts might change in the future. We took a look at some of the latest home design trends and came up with some suggestions as to how this may affect the way that you can use and view your stairlift in the future.

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What is the Smart Home?

The smart home is the term used for homes that are becoming linked with applications and other ways to control your home. Applications on phones are now being used to control a wide range of products in the home and can even be used to set heating, washing machines and other appliances. Although this may seem futuristic in itself, you will find that you may be having to adapt to smarter technology and this means that your stairlift will still be a feature of homes in years to come should a homeowner find it difficult to access their stairs. So how does a stairlift fit into this new wave of technology?

Accessibility is Still Highly Important

Accessibility is still and will remain, highly important in properties for years to come. It will therefore be very interesting to see how homes in the future will adapt to accessibility needs with the changes that we are already seeing around the home. Technology is already rapidly changing the way that you can use your home so it’s only natural to assume that there may be technological advancements in stairlifts and the way that you can use your stairlift. Stannah themselves has also looked into incorporating innovative technology to accompany their stairlifts with one example being the Stannah Balance Mobile App. This app was designed to help patients gain confidence and greater mobility due to the fact that trips and falls are often associated with problems with balance.

How Could Stairlifts Change?

One wouldn’t expect to see the design of a typical stairlift change too much in the future due to the time old expression ‘if it’s not broken, do not fix it.’ However, we could see some additional types of stairlift being developed. Multiple person stairlifts for example could be looked into due to the fact that some individuals may need a person accompanying them up the stairs for stability and to help them up and down the stairs using their stairlift. Safety is a highly important feature of stairlifts but this could be potentially increased further. Perhaps a passcode may be added to future stairlifts which ensures that only a responsible adult can operate the stairlift for example. There’s also the potential for vertical lifts to be installed in the home which some designers seem to be trying to develop. This style of lift wouldn’t use the stairs and would instead allow for the user to sit in a dome area and travel up to the upper levels of their stairs. This could be used in combination with a stairlift for increased accessibility and mobility around your home!

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Stairlifts of the Future

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