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History of Stairlifts

History of Stairlifts

Stairlift Technology – A History of Stairlifts Presented by Affordable Mobility

History of the Stairlift

The modern stairlift is highly advanced and has come a long way since the first stairlift was invented in the 1920s. Initially invented as a way for C.C. Crispen (a self-taught engineer) to help his ailing friend travel from floor to floor, the prototype that he developed would begin the mechanical feat of modernising the stairlift and making it even safer and more secure for the user. Affordable Mobility has been offering Stairlifts in Lancashire for many years. In this article, we will discuss the history of the stairlift as well as how modern stairlifts have developed to become the stairlifts that we know and love today. If you are looking for stairlifts, enquire with Affordable Mobility today by using a contact form on our website or telephone our friendly team directly now.

Speculation on the Invention of the First Stairlift

As discussed, C.C. Crispen is credited in building the first prototype of the stairlift. Other iterations of stairlifts have also existed throughout history with Frederick Muffet inventing a Chair with Tramway which was also used on staircases. Evidence was found that suggests a Royal link to the stairlift, Dr. David Starkey discovered (in 2009) when looking through a list of King Henry VIII’s possessions that he had had a chair with a block and tackle system developed to help him up the stairs in Whitehall Palace in London. However you decide was the first inventor of the stairlift, we can see that several people throughout history realised that there were ways to navigate staircases with a system involving a chair and this is what would be the underpinning factor to developing the modern stairlift.

Developments From the Original Prototype

There was room to improve on the original stairlift prototype to transform stairlifts into the stairlifts that we know and recognise today. Stairlifts were historically attached to the stairs and on studs put into the walls which would keep the stairlift stable. This would cause obstructions in the staircase and if you were to remove the stairlift, you’d cause damage to the wall. As a result, modern stairlift technology saw the creation of stronger rails that only attach to the treads of your stairs. This means that technicians such as our installation technicians can install your stairlift with the process being cleaner and faster. There also won’t be any studs involved so no damage will be caused to your wall during installation or if you were to remove your new stairlift. All modern stairlifts will only attach to the stairs themselves so you don’t have to worry about damage to your walls.

Safety Developments

The modern stairlift is also much safer than previous iterations and these features have been developed to ensure that your stairlift is as safe as possible when you are operating it. Stannah stairlifts for example are built with various additions to keep you safe and secure including, seat belts, foot rests, arm rests and a wide range of other safety features. Whatever design or style of stairlift you choose, you can be sure that your Stannah stairlift has been designed and manufactured with safety as the top priority.

Choosing to Install a Stairlift

Stannah Stairlift Suppliers

The history of the stairlift is very interesting and if you go by the historical references, you may be using a stairlift that was originally designed for King Henry VIII! Although your stairlift has gone through a lot of modern adaptations, you can be sure that your modern stairlift is ideally suited to help you navigate the stairs and restore your freedom. If you want to find out more about installing a stairlift or have questions about if a stairlift would benefit you then why not speak to our team today? We are more than happy to discuss the options that are available to you as well as the various design options and safety options that we can include with your new stairlift. If you are looking for a Stannah stairlift or you want to arrange for a no obligation quotation then ensure that you contact Affordable Mobility using a contact form on our website or telephone Affordable Mobility directly today on: 01200 444254

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